Congrats on getting into Motivarti! What do you hope to learn in from the program? Ive been thinking about doing the program but Im not sure what it can offer


Thank you so much! I’m super excited about it!

I’ll be graduating next summer, and I want to apply for summer internships at animation studios, but my portfolio is a little scattered.

My motivarti goal is to create a professional portfolio with the guidance of my mentor, and improve my illustration skills!

Well, it depends on what your needs are, like if you feel like your need help with your portfolio, or learn a new technique, or improve on some skills. :)

do you have suggestions for a drawing tablet for a casual drawer? also how exactly do they work? (like are they connected to your computer or something) sorry if i bothered you!


Hmm, I’m sure there are many graphic tablets out there, but the only one I’ve been faithful to all these years is Wacom so I can only give you info about their products, haha.

The wacom bamboo is probably the best option for a casual drawer! It’s simple, but does the job, and it’s the cheapest one they’ve got. I used their super old Bamboo model when I first started out, and although their design changed and I’m not sure how it compares, I was really happy with my bamboo!

The tablets can have a wireless, or a USB wired option! You basically draw directly onto the tablet with the stylus, and the mouse/brush follows the movement your stylus makes (it takes some time to get used to looking at a screen while drawing on the tablet!)

Hope that helped! :)

hi i hope it's not rude to ask but i was wondering (if you do like digital art in photoshop/ect), after you color in your characters do you like use a random texture from online under them, or are there brushes that have that kind of grainy texture in em?? just wondering since i wanna play around with brushes to sketch with eheh ;v;"" HAVE FUN ON YOUR TRIP<33


I used to use a ton of watercolor textures on my digital work, and just stacks LAYER upon LAYER on my work (using watercolor pages that I’d either make on my own, or find online). But now a days, I don’t overlay my textures on, mostly because I’m trying for a cleaner/less grainy look now that works better for when I print on tshirts and stuff.

Rather, I’ll use lightly textured brushes on the get go. Crayon-y brushes with rough edges on medium opacity is what I do now!

I’m quite sure that I have a zip download file of my brushes in my FAQ page somewhere…


Do u think u could take a picture of ur pastel markers? Plz!


sure buddy!

they’re TOUCH markers, and I’ve heard they’re similar to Copics, (which is what I was trying to look for, but i guess they dont sell them in Switzerland)

In any case, I love them so much!