Anonymous :  ur art style: cute, soft, pastel, pink

that just about sums it up uwu

The forest I walked through yesterday had such a magical feeling to it, especially since we were the only ones there. The sun was setting at that point and the rays of light that peeked through the trees made the most gorgeous shadows over the river.

Afterwards, we drove to the lake to skip stones and then searched for bits of broken glass in the sand that had eroded into soft, gem-like pebbles.


Slowly building up my confidence with gouache…little painting in my sketchbook of one of Foxville’s mermaid characters!

*gross sobbing* It’s so beautiful (◉╭╮◉✿)
kittie-corner :  You're so Cute!! I was just wondering, what is you inspiration? Thank you, I love your art :3

Ahh thank you!

My biggest style inspiration would be disney animation and mid-century modern art!

Whenever I can’t think of what do draw, I’ll usually scroll through my inspiration blog (or andells, because hers is amazing too!) and something usually pops up!

ok im gonna sleep for 15 hours now because im on spring break and being a productive member of society is for the weak

good night xox

Anonymous :  What is your favourite smell, worst fear, and what would you name your kids?

HAHA, Amortentia would probably smell like sunblock, rain and caramel to me!

I have an extreme fear of heights and falling (so flying on planes and going to amusement parks are never pleasant) and I also have a fear of having my wrists harmed/cut. (In general, I get faint around blood like a delicate Victorian lady).

I’m also afraid of the dark. Basically, I’m a wuss.

As for my kids. IDK. I really like the names Willow, Ava, Reuben, Sebastian, Eisa, Sofie and Yasmeen

I like soft sounding names with s & f & e’s

My first attempt at making jewelery! I used my Persephone artwork for this, and went through several trials to get it right, but I think it looks pretty good!

Hopefully I’ll be able to set up my shop soon and sell these babies!

If you think theres any other art you’d like to see as a necklace or brooch, let me know!

theycallmerhia :  Howdy yall my name is Anoosha and I am just in love with mermaids and pastels. I do digital art and this here is my tumblr page where you'll be finding some of that art. I also have a shop that has pictures of my fancy art on t shirts and tote bags. that's right you can wrap your beautiful body in fabric with my art printed on it. If that's not hella tight idk what is. (there you go, your new bio, your welcome ;D )


oh help

i have such a crush on pearl

just what a great character and what great voice acting

also when she blushes her cheeks turn mint


Anonymous :  You seem to like mermaids and faeries, but I was wondering if you have any other favorite fantasy/myth/lore creatures!! (/u\)


Ghosts, Jinns, the Phoenix and the Sphinx are some favourites of mine.

I’m really into mythology, especially Greek, and have been since I was a kid. (When I was in 9 years old, I wrote a 40 page essay on the twelves labors of Hercules in my spare time…. FOR FUN.) *cough*NERD*cough*

So while they’re not exactly creatures, Ancient Greek Deities have always been my favourite. My favourite gods would be Hades, Athena and Prometheus, and my favourite myths were Theseus and the MinotaurIcarus and Daedalus, Persephone and Hades, and Pandoras box